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Mine Waste Characterization

We can develop and implement specialized leach testing procedures specific to your project or site. Our waste characterization includes the following:

TCLP: Toxicity Characteristic Leaching
Procedure (EPA Method 1311)
SPLP: Synthetic Precipitation Leaching
Procedure (EPA Method 1312)
MEP: Multiple Extraction Procedure
(EPA Method 1320)
CAL WET: California Waste Extraction testing

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Soils/Tailings Analysis

Soil sampling is one of the simplest and most effective land management tools available. Our team has experience supporting soil analysis, including:

ABA: Acid-Base Accounting
Neutralization Potential
Sulfur (Total and Pyritic)
Physical Parameters
Soil Characterization
Extractable Constituents

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Drinking Water Services

Public drinking water systems in the United States provide drinking water to 90% of the populace. As a result, the safety of our drinking water supply is one of the foundations of protecting the public health.

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WasteWater Services

Wastewater is classified as any liquid waste discharged by industry, agricultural operations, commercial properties and residences. It can contain a wide range of contaminants in varying concentrations.

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Additional Services

Water Analysis
Lime Analysis
Compost Analysis
Nutrient Analysis
Method Development
Comprehensive Sample Assessment

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